Visiting Ibiza with kids? With these experiences, they’ll have a blast.

Ibiza is well known for its exciting music and party scene, its hedonistic flair and endless nights. This, however, does not make it an island only for adults. Ibiza is filled with family-friendly destinations, and the little ones in the group will embrace the fun and freedom that the island exudes. Here are some of the experiences that will make your kids fall in love with Ibiza:


Experience an extraordinary boat excursion designed with families in mind, allowing you to bask in the pleasures of a day at sea while admiring the awe-inspiring marine life. Embark on the adventure boat “Amayna,” docked at the first slip of San Antonio harbor, and set sail at noon for a breathtaking swimming and snorkeling beach.

Drift across the serene waters, savor the coastline vistas, and witness the onboard marine life activities offered by the expert crew. It’s now time to take a dip and explore the underwater wonders. While parents relax and soak up the sun, children can embark on a snorkeling expedition, spotting various marine creatures like seaweed, sea urchins, starfish, octopus, and more.

Once you’ve swum, sunbathed, or played onboard games, indulge in a scrumptious lunch served onboard. The little ones can join in the fantastic Treasure Hunt, while parents can unwind, take snapshots of their children’s enjoyment with newfound friends or sip a drink.

On the journey back to San Antonio, drawing materials will be distributed to the children, and the onboard activities continue, concluding a remarkable excursion for all.

It’s a splendid opportunity to revel in the sea as a family, learn fascinating facts about marine life, and relish the unblemished natural surroundings.


The Bam Bu Ku beach club in San Antonio houses the exclusive lowrider, the island’s only surf “machine.” It also offers a dedicated kids club area, so your children with be able to take part in fun activities with certified child minders while you unwind in the knowledge that they are safe and having a blast! While your little ones take a surf class, you will be able to lounge by the pool with a refreshing cocktail in hand. It’s definitely what we call a win-win situation.


The Sirenis Aquagames water park is situated in the Sirenis Seaview hotel resort at Port des Torrent. It boasts an array of attractions such as water slides, pools equipped with water jets, and several areas designed especially for children. It caters primarily to younger kids. The park operates daily from May to October and offers three ticketing options. The first option is a day or half-day pass that allows visitors exclusive access to the water park. The second option includes admission to the park, buffet lunch, and drinks. The final option is the “Hotel Day Pass,” which provides entry to the park, buffet lunch, open bar, and snacks at the hotel’s beach bars for the entire day.


Traveling with small children that still can’t swim? Turn them into little swimmers with Little Ibiza Swim School. Their qualified instructors will visit you at your preferred location, and offer a “learn to swim guarantee” for children over 3 after having received a number of private lessons. Help the little ones in the family become confident swimmer from the comfort of your own pool.


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