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If you think Andorra is only for winter, think again. Nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra offers some of the most breathtaking and inspiring hiking routes in the world. With its stunning mountain landscapes and diverse range of terrains, it’s no wonder that Andorra has become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a scenic walk, here are some of Andorra’s most beautiful hiking routes.


The Estanys de Tristaina trail (or Tristaina Lakes trail) is an easy walk into a mountain bowl, very close to the border with France. Explore its the three lakes it holds, and enjoy the multifarious and rich perspectives and views of the glacially shaped mountain landscape. This hike provides an intensive, enjoyable, and fascinating experience of nature, making it very rewarding and entertaining. And If you fancy a more difficult walk, you can extend this hike up along the top ridge of the surrounding mountains.

Estanys de Tristaina route


The Iron Route (Ruta del Ferro) in Andorra is perfect for a quick hike or a family outing, passing through places of cultural and natural interest. The route begins at the Llorts Mine and ends at La Cortinada, taking you along the ancient Way of the Trajinants, once used for transporting iron. The Iron Men exhibition, featuring iron sculptures depicting the journey along the metallurgical trade route, is a notable attraction. The 4.2 km round trip is easy to follow, with signposting in red and white. If you travel with small children, this route is perfect for you.


The Engolasters Lake and the Pardines Trail is a linear excursion lasting almost four hours. The trail starts at the church of Sant Martí d’Engolasters and runs along the Engolasters Hydroelectric Trail, the Canal Trail, and the Fonts Circuit to Engolasters Lake. The trail offers panoramic views of the Casamanya, Estanyó, and Cabaneta peaks, as well as a beautiful botanical path of the Camino de las Pardines. The 13.8 km trail is of medium difficulty and estimated to take about 3 hours and 40 minutes to complete. The route passes by Engolasters Lake, which is part of the water collection facilities that feed the hydroelectric power station.

Engolasters lake


The Madriu Way is one of the most beautiful mountain routes in Andorra. The trail takes you along the exceptional valley of the Madriu river, showcasing picturesque spots such as old cobbled paths, terraced fields, and stone walls. The trail starts on the road to La Plana and goes all along the Madriu river valley until you reach the marvelous Illa Lake. The panoramic view of the Estany de l’Illa is spectacular. The 23 km trail is of medium-high difficulty and estimated to take about 7 hours to complete. The Madriu Way highlights the most important activities of the Madriu Valley, agriculture, and livestock farming.


The Montmalús Peak and Colells Circus circular route takes you along the crest of the Colells Cirque. The trail starts at Grau Roig, climbs up to the peak of Montmalús, continues along the Colells cirque, and returns to the starting point. The trail offers beautiful scenery, large vertical rock walls, and several lakes that shaped the landscape we see today. The 10.4 km trail is of difficult level and estimated to take about 4 hours to complete. The route is well worth the challenge, offering views of the lake of Montmalús and the Muga peak.

Still think that Andorra is only for winter? With stunning hiking routes, a vibrant and rich gastronomical offer, and endless leisure plans, this small country in the Pyrenees surely is for all year round.

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