Live every moment to the fullest with TWA Experience.

The White Angel goes beyond property ownership. We choose the world’s most sought-after destinations and create luxury private residences that offer everything you need to enjoy to the fullest every moment of your stay at your chosen destination. With residences in Ibiza, Andorra, and soon-to-come, London, our dossier of residences and services makes us the new concept in the prime property business.

Thanks to years of experience in luxury real estate development, our properties are built to impeccable standards and reflect the elevated lifestyle we strive to deliver to all The White Angel property owners. Our first-class amenities and services will provide property owners with a one-of-a-kind living experience.


The White Angel’s signature lifestyle vision will offer you 5-star hotel services within the privacy of your own home. Even before you arrive at your residence, The White Angel Experience team will provide a personalised service, anticipating your needs and responding to every wish, whether at home or away.

Our first-class services will make sure your stay is perfect, by taking care of everything from housekeeping and maintenance to financial and lifestyle services.

Property management

Whether at home or away, we take care of the entire infrastructure that encompasses your property and makes it a haven of privacy and service.

This includes the maintenance and cleaning of both communal and private pools and gardens, management of renovations, replacements or preventative maintenance within your residence, and any other need your property may have.


We understand that security is a top priority, which is why our security team monitors all The White Angel residences and offers controlled access to each residential project.

Lifestyle services

We are experts in curating experiences for The White Angel owners, and we strive to help you with anything you may need around the house or at your chosen destination. 

We’ll provide an array of experts to suit your specific needs and make your stay simply unforgettable. These services include reservations to restaurants, shows or any event you may wish to attend, recommendations to the most desirable and exclusive locations at your destination, bookings to bring the best chefs, massage therapists or nannies to your home and any other lifestyle need you may have.

The White Angel Experience App

Can you imagine getting access to the best restaurants in town, receiving the best recommendations at your destination, managing your property, or having someone take care of your needs whilst you make the most of your leisure time?

With The White Angel Experience app, all TWA property owners can do that and much more. We offer a digital experience that delivers full management of your residence, and direct contact with the Concierge team, whether at home or away.

We’ve created a lifestyle in which time is the real asset, and we want you to make the most of it, because at the end of our lives, what truly matters is what we’ve done with our time.

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